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Defining What SEO Is – Breaking It Down!

Most business owners do not usually have the time to spend learning the entire core of SEO. Although many of them know it is something that, when done correctly it can give their website a higher ranking with Google by using particular words, keywords, and/or phrases.  

SEO is not anything magical. However, it consists of using a lot of mathematical elements and factoring.

SEO – The Basics


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when people use specific methods for making the quantity and quality of incoming traffic increase through search engine results. Now that you have been given the what of it, let us continue with the how which happens to be the most significant!

The best way for me to explain how SEO works is with the use of a bicycle wheel. The combination of the spokes not only completes the wheel but also supports it. The individual spokes represent different elements used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for getting your website noticed due to the keywords used, while the bicycle wheel is representing your business.

Each spoke represents a different part of the business, with some being weaker and others stronger, and the type of industry has a bearing on it, as well as where the audience is located online at the time. But every bicycle wheel (SEO structure) is basically alike and created using the same elements.

It is Google’s algorithm that makes the final decision on the rank of individual sites and is based on a variety of factors. Meaning that the tactics used for SEO are concerned with improving on the factors involved with your site.

Below Are Several of Those Factors:

  • What number of social media shares does your site have?
  • How good is the content of your site (not too short, too thin, or unnecessary)?
  • Has your site been recently updated?
  • How relevant is your site’s content to the keyword phrase(s) the user is searching for?
  • What is the number of websites across the web that links to yours?
  • How fast does your site load, and is it user friendly?
  • Are the sites linked to yours trustworthy?
  • Will a searcher from a mobile phone find your site mobile friendly?
  • Are your headlines and title tags with keywords supporting your site’s content?
  • Does your site use the same address across the web: Does your business site have good rantings?

SEO deals with the things listed above and then some!

A Brief Summary


An SEO agency will take into consideration all the different elements and factors on your website and comb through all of them. They are thorough with making sure you are using good content and the best keywords. At the same time, slipping in a few changes and taking out few things that should not be there, and it is all this that is going to help get your website an increase in future traffic.

The feeling you are going to have when you see the traffic begin flowing to your website from the improvements made will be a very good one!


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