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9 Best Places for Online Advertising!


For the Internet, it is a challenge to make ads as attractive as possible, but due to the variety of platforms, it is difficult to choose the most effective platform. When displaying your services and products, you need to use the right website to run a profitable pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

For the Internet, it is a challenge to make ads as attractive as possible, but due to the variety of platforms, it is difficult to choose the most effective platform. When displaying your services and products, you need to use the right website to run a profitable pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. That is why we have assembled a list of nine best online advertising locations to attract and convert your target audience and provide your company with the required return on investment (ROI).

Before you continue, please take a few minutes to watch a video on the basics of digital advertising.


1. Facebook


Well-known social media, especially Facebook, have polished their advertising venues, and they can attract audiences in unique ways. Therefore, they are one of the best places to promote your business.

Facebook Ads provides unparalleled access to niche and broad markets, and can also accurately target demographic information such as age and region.

If you want to have an ad on Facebook, you can set a bid amount for the ad instead of using keywords. That allows visual aids to optimize activities to maximize the engagement on Facebook. The video and images attached to the ad text can attract more people’s attention.

Besides, there are many places where ads can get displayed on Facebook. Ads can get displayed in news sources, side panels, and Messenger areas. Video ads can also get inserted into stories and real-time conversations.


2. Bing Ads


Although Bing Ads has a relatively small user base, it operates in a similar way to Google. Not all searchers insist on using Google, which is why Bing has the third-largest share of the search market. Your company can use this share in your ad campaigns.

Bing Ads also provides another privilege. Audiences who shop online through desktop computers spend 36% more than ordinary Internet searchers so that Bing Ads can bring not only more conversions, but also higher-value conversions.

Bing Ads has a huge crowd, and potential companies compete for keywords. Therefore, Bing Ads is an ideal place for online advertising. You can create custom bids for related keywords, and search-specific ads can get arranged on the side, top, and bottom of natural search.

Bing Ads also covers two other search engines, which are AOL and Yahoo. With these additional guarantees, your promotions can gain more exposure on the Internet.


3. Google Ads


Google Ads is in a leading position in the entire industry and has stood out from many competitors, winning its position as a current online advertising tool. As one of the best places to promote your business, it can help you achieve your marketing goals through the search network and display advertising network.

In the search network, you can bid for ad keywords in Google search results.

Long-tail keywords, along with keywords, will have certain values, based on the search volume or popularity and the competition or expectations for your business. Many keywords are quite competitive, but you can find terms that fit your business and budget.

After people enter a question and scroll through the search results, the search results page will display ads around the organic search results. Ads will get displayed at the top and bottom, and each paid advertisement will be labeled to alert searchers.

The Display Network extends your reach to sites owned by Google (such as Google Maps and Gmail) and partner sites. The auction process on the Display Network puts you on these pages instead of on search results.

Google Ads can increase conversion rates and increase website traffic and use smart technology to meet your needs. For starters, the setup is simple, so you can activate promotional tools without wasting time


4. Amazon


Amazon is one of the top places to advertise online. It is the third most popular advertising platform (after Google and Facebook) and attracts a large number of consumers. From a perspective, Amazon has more than 300 million active user accounts and more than 100 million Amazon Prime members. Whether you sell products on Amazon or outside of Amazon, you can advertise on e-commerce platforms.


Amazon ads for Amazon sellers include Amazon stores, sponsored displays, sponsored brands, and sponsored products. If you don’t sell products on Amazon, you can take advantage of the following types of ads, such as custom ads, display ads, and video ads. These ads can appear on and Amazon-owned websites and Amazon devices.

Take advantage of Amazon’s broad audience and growing advertising options by launching campaigns. If you need help getting started with Amazon advertising, we can help you. We are a trusted Amazon advertising agency for companies that buy and sell products on


5. YouTube


Each day visitors are watching over 1 billion hours on YouTube, and that means that investing in a video ad is the right choice. While the video ad performs a bit different than a test or picture ad, the payment for it will get based on someone watching the ad or clicking on it. YouTube uses Google Ads, but the services they offer can help video creation, even if you are just starting. They can provide plenty of platforms for you to use to start video advertising.



6. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking site for business professionals that can promote your company through sponsorship or dynamic advertising. Their advertising system caters to the niche market of business-to-business (B2B) companies so that you can connect with decision-makers.

The B2B business, such as LinkedIn, is a great area for online advertising. For example, you can use LinkedIn to start a recruitment campaign, which is very useful when you want to attract passive or experienced candidates in the industry.



Ads can get displayed in the right column and news sources, or they can get displayed as sponsored InMail messages or posts. These inbox interactions can be directly advertised and have personal requirements.

You can target ads based on industry or geographic location, but you can also make them targeted explicitly at business size, position, qualifications, and more. LinkedIn advertising auctions target audiences, such as Facebook.


7. Twitter


Twitter has a variety of users, and many professionals use it. That means that B2B businesses are on here, but there are more options for Twitter ads. Not to mention that younger generations make up a large part of the audience. Twitter is text-based, but videos and pictures are on here too. You can use trends, tweets, or hashtags as ads, or you can promote it to be a trend. There are many target options on Twitter. You can bid on keywords, and you can remarket website visitors, previous followers, and target new audiences. Twitter is a great way to bump up your ROI through advertising.


8. Instagram


Instagram is a powerful platform for brand-supported or sponsored posts, but they also have official ads. Although the price and details of influencers depend on the situation, you can contact influencers or popular Instagram figures to work with your business. However, the versatility of Instagram makes it one of the best places to promote your business.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, advertising is mostly consistent with Facebook’s approach. However, Instagram relies on graphics, so photos and video ads are emphasized in stories and feeds. The content gets divided into carousel advertisements. That allows viewers to slide the corresponding product and collection advertisements in which the viewer can click on the product in the picture. If you are a company with a large image, these can benefit your business.


9. Pinterest


People who use Pinterest are looking for new ideas, so they are more likely to click on links. The digital pinboard allows your ads to get promoted boards that blend into other text and image combinations. Engagement, traffic, and awareness are the top marketing goals of these ads so that you can make them work for your objective. For instance, if you want to grow your brand awareness for new products to increase your sales. The website has a PPC framework and analytics to help your campaign, and they can impact users while helping you get profitable sales results.



Advertise Online for the Best ROI


You can take advantage of some of the best places to advertise online, which can help your marketing efforts. You can get additional help from us to help maximize your results, ROI, and impact of your ad campaign.

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