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6 Tips To Increase Website Visibility Through Link Building

In recent years, link building has changed significantly with the various Google algorithm updates, along with other search engines. That is why knowing the latest rules of link building is important to avoid penalties. Many websites that have been flagged as using ‘Blackhat’ methods have had performance drastically fall. You do not want to take shortcuts when it comes to link building strategies anymore.

The following are some of the safe ways to build links on your website that can help your search results from getting penalized.






Slideshare is a good place for sharing content and a PR8 website. You’re allowed to add infographics, PDF, and video files, which is why content ranks well on Slideshare. Local business citations can be used, and similar sites include and




Provide testimonials on products you already use often, particularly those relevant to your blog topic. Look to see if they offer customer testimonials on the product’s site and if they allow a link. If so, leave a testimonial and a URL back to your site.




In addition to being PR7, BandCamp is free and lets you place links. You can upload audio files or convert video files into audio easily. Similar websites include ReverbNation, YourListen, and SoundCloud.


.edu Websites


Find educational websites that allow you to provide links as most are high PageRank. Keep in mind, only a small selection of .edu sites accept URL placement, and they must provide readers with additional value to get approved.

Below are some search strings to help find these type of sites:

  • “your keyword” + inurl:links
  • “your keyword” + “resources.”



YouTube continues to be included in the list of backlink building, even though they are nofollow. That is because videos on YouTube rank high on Google for various searches. Simply embedding videos can help, so watch for opportunities for adding video into sites such as,, or


Sites For Website Feedback


You can find various websites that allow developers to get feedback. These website feedback websites allow you to place dofollow links within your profile description, such as

Alright, now that you have a list of tips for getting your link building strategy going, get out there and achieve your goals! Let us know if these tips helped in the comments below. Need help with your link building? Contact us today; our team of professionals is available to help.

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