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6 SEO Strategies That Doctors Can Use

It is now possible for physicians, dentists, and healthcare organizations on a larger scale to guide current patience to portals and potential ones from Google search to portals for making appointments.


Doctors Should Use SEO for Best Practices


Contributing agencies for the infographic shown below have stated that 60% of all their new client’s healthcare was made possible through organic search results. This is done through the SEO of a site, making it easy for users to locate what they are searching for using specific keywords. These are the keywords your site uses to be ranked, like “doctors located near me.” Another one maybe, “an increase in revenue, potential patience, and an increase in business.”


What is Your Patience Seeking?


This post will be focusing more on the best practices of local SE due to doctors generally being in those searching. Keep in mind, however, that your content in blog posts may still be ranked globally as well.

Note: Anytime keyword searches are being performed, keep the competition in mind. There are keyword tools out there one can use to help in choosing higher volume keywords, as well as keywords with lower competition.


Here Are SEO Strategies for Doctors to Use


SEO (On-Page)


Blog posts can benefit your content to rank better and with engaging more in social media. When looking for the best topics to use, consider some of the questions you have received from patients and answer those questions in great length and detail.

When you link from one of your blog posts to one of your service pages or to an internal link, Google receives a signal which lets them know what the page is about. Then Google will help with ranking it using the anchor text you used. You need to take into consideration the architecture of your site, the pages, and the keywords for which you prefer to be rank for. It is important that you are not ranked for the same keywords from several different pages (keyword cannibalism).

The service page could be ranked for keywords considered to be succinct, such as “allergy shots.” However, blog posts could be ranked for the keywords considered to be long-tailed, such as “the way to cope with seasonal allergies.” 


SEO (Off-Page)


Building backlinks is a good way to help with your site’s authority and its visibility in the search engines. If you have enough domain authority (DA), you may prefer locating blogs on healthcare websites that let you contribute by leaving a backlink to your site.

This includes being able to claim and update the directory listings of businesses such as Google My Business, Healthgrades, etc. Another strategy for you to take into consideration will be if you are going to be creating listings that consist of all physicians or is it going to only be the clinics.

Press releases that are positive are a great way of generating more awareness, as well as some backlinks to your site.

Below are some different situations that give you a good opportunity to offer PR materials:

  • Sponsorships & Events
  • Clinic Expansion
  • New Technology, Including Methods
  • The Hiring of New Doctors




You can even receive reviews on physicians and different clinics. These are significant steps that must be taken for the decision-making process, regardless of prospected or potential patients select your site or one of the competition sites in the end.


Technical SEO


Another thing that has become an important factor in recent years is a page’s speed. Click here if you would like to see how fast your website’s pages are; a grade of D or F means that your site’s losing a lot of traffic. That is not all; your site is not getting ranked as well as your competitor, for their site is faster.

Remember to make sure your site is mobile-friendly!


How Strong is your Digital Marketing?

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