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5 Ways to Come Up with Good Ideas and Great Blog Content

It can sometimes be challenging to avoid writer’s block when you try to come up with good ideas and great blog content. Really true, and good ideas are not easy to come by. They are difficult to articulate and put together, and especially to express.

Even when your mind appears to be absent, there are plenty of ways to stimulate it and bring it around. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out how to inspire and regenerate ideas in mind.

Five Methods That Have Been Proven to Help in Discovering Fresh Ideas and Great Blog Content

The well-kept secret to coming up with new ideas is that you must put in a little work. To come up with good topics, one must play an active part in it and not just think they will come to you eventually, for they will not!

Instead, do these things:


Gather and Analyze the Feedback and Questions of Your Customers 


The customer base you have is a particularly good source to use for generating ideas for your blog content. This includes any potential customers as well. Since the content is for your customers, why not find out from them the things they would be interested in hearing, reading, and seeing. This will have great results!

You will have to do a little digging to get the information you are looking for. Focus more on the questions that appear to repeat themselves in the comments. Answer the questions of your customers using your blog, emails, over the phone, and on social media. Use blog posts to address those that are most popular and answer the questions of your customers using your blog.


Review the Question-and-Answer Sites while Listening to All the Chatter


Spread your wings and do some online research in addition to reading and answering the customer’s comments, questions, and feedback.

You ask how to do this – by finding out what people have to say on the subject you selected by going over the question-and-answer sites. Do some searching yourself on the subject by going to websites such as Reddit and Quora and browse through the discussions that others are having to find out what they are talking about and things they are interested in knowing.

Better yet, should you come across a thread that does not give a definitive answer, write it yourself! Use your knowledge from experience to answer and sneak in a link that will carry them to the blog posts on your website. Put down that it takes them where they will see even more information.


Pay Attention to What Your Competition Is Up Too


Find out what it is that your competition is doing that seems to be doing the trick for them. This should also include the type of content that they share. Next, study the way in which you can translate that content so it can do the trick for you as well.      

It is recommended that you do not take their content and just upgrade it a little, but to just use it to make your own, and your own needs to be original. Only use it to inspire yourself; never use a copy of another’s work!         

For example, your competitor may be blogging using a voice that is distinctive and a personality that draws attention. Try comparing your blog to theirs. What kind of voice and personality do you use in your blog? Take notice if your tone sounds boring, dull, or bland in contrast. Perhaps the subject of your content is too dull.


Check Around at Google’s Search Box Suggestions as Well as Other Related Searches


When looking for a good place to get inspiration, you should give Google’s search engine a try; the only thing you will have to give up is a few minutes of your time.

This search engine will let you choose from different phrases and other topics as well. At the bottom of the page, after typing in what you are searching for, there is a section referred to as “Searches related to [keyword],” this will take you to even more choices, giving you lots of other ideas for your blog.

For instance, when searching up keywords like “camping tips,” there will be more choices when you scroll down to the bottom of that page. This opens a cache of related ideas for you to quickly gather up. Be sure to take advantage of it.


Use the Correct Tools When Searching Up Contents, Topics, and Keywords


For those of you that are still at a standstill, you just got lucky. Did you know there are other keyword research tools that you can use to help you find ideas and topics for your blog posts, including opportunities that let you create blog posts that stand out and get ranked?

If you are interested in using an idea-generating machine, you should try the BuzzSumo. Although it is a service you must pay for, there is some data you can make use of.

You simply enter the subject you are interested in into the main search box provided once you get to the site. It is a free tool that is going to let you see shared content that is most popular related to your subject matter. It will even let you filter those results and narrow them down to the most popular shared content that has been published over the past 24-hour period, over the entire past week, month, etc.

You will receive a lot of useful results with different kinds of information. Below is a small example of what you can get:


  • Find out what the most popular sub-topics were last month based merely on blog headlines.

  • Find out what posts are being talked about by getting a top result and following its link.

  • You can find out who has been linking to popular content that is related to your topic and what they are saying.

  • Find out the places these posts are being shared the most, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedln, etc.

This will give you plenty of information and should be enough to help with generating your own ideas. You should take advantage of this opportunity and see where it takes you.

Get in the habit of blogging your content instead of just posting it suddenly. There is no such thing as a good idea being in your head asleep, waiting to wake up.

It does not happen like that. Instead, good ideas must be nurtured. The research mentioned above is a good path to take if you need help coming up with great blog content and good ideas. Remember, gather, collect, and study, and review, and in no time, you will have good ideas and great blog content jumping off the page at you.

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