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5 Stupid SEO Myths to Ignore

SEO is like a mystery, and sometimes the pieces look everywhere. 

Along with Google’s regular policy changes, you have a fatal formula that can resolve confusion, misinformation, and rumors. Ultimately, these misconceptions tend to take the form of credible myths that people still trade online. 

However, there is no reason to believe these myths or give up your SEO efforts. 

The following are some of the stupid SEO myths we have come across and some suggestions on how you can keep moving higher in rankings:


Google will discover my new post on its own.


For a well-established website or blog, this may be true. But for other situations, this will probably not happen. 

That means you have to work hard to get Google’s attention. You can try methods like Google Search Console instead of letting Google do it on your own. It can help you get in touch with Google and make Google understand your work. 

While Google Search Console has many advantages, the most important thing is that you can allow Google to always track every new post and page on your blog or website. 

After setting up, checking, and connecting with Google Analytics, don’t forget to add an XML map. In addition to reminding Google of new content on the site, the tool also tells you when to fix errors. Just a few simple steps. 

You need to be active in dealing with Google and break the myth that Google will find your messages itself.


Guest blogging is no longer effective.


If you are using a guest blog as a shortcut, some of the reasons may be incorrect. Google understands your intentions, and if you make foolish attempts at Google, you will not get spared. 

However, it is wrong to say that the guest blog is no longer usable. So what’s the way forward?

All you have to do is forget about everything else and write useful posts related to the topic of a good blog or website. 

Another proof that guest blogging does, in fact, work is that great sites will still ask you to write for them.  It’s still alive well!

Make the right guest post, and it will do you good!


Keywords are no longer effective.


In the past, it was easy to get Google’s attention by filling in password entries here, everywhere, and everywhere. 

That is so that Google knows the entire content of the post. As Google changed its priorities to serve humans and robots better, this policy is no longer the best practice. 

As a result, some people tend to think that passwords are no longer critical. 

If search engines can’t provide these essential clues in keywords (and other ranking factors), they will not work. 

What has changed is the use and placement of keywords. Instead of filling in keywords, you need to place them in the most critical places in your content.

You can also put it in the main title. The first paragraph is very critical so that you can use it in it too.

The best practice is to include your focus keywords in the URL, page title, and meta description so that search engines can understand the page’s real meaning. Besides, you can also use keyword variations at a certain point in the content. 

Can we agree that keywords don’t matter anymore? Is it a myth?


Search engine optimization is complicated, and Google continues to change the rules of the game.


Does that prevent you? You only have to be careful if you do SEO wrong. 

If you do search engine optimization correctly, you will not be affected by Google’s changes. 

When Google changes its algorithm, they usually suffer from those who do not perform search engine optimization or use old strategies.

Some people try to find shortcuts, such as creating links to improve rankings. The right approach is to avoid links from suspicious websites or spam. Some, still used with keyword stops. 

If you follow a few simple rules to clean up your SEO and wait patiently, you can get the traffic you need. 

First, identify 1 to 2 priority keywords per page. 

The quality content and the associated value creation are irreplaceable. Therefore, you should also focus on creating unique, original, and relevant content. Google loves content like this! If you can, you should only get links from high-quality sites. 

Are these things too much now?

That has gotten resolved. SEO is not too complicated, especially when working with SEO companies or experts.


Only popular blogs get traffic through Google.


That is one of those myths that you have to ignore because it does not even exist!

Websites that have the power to argue can sometimes rank higher. This argument may have some truth. Google may grant certain rights to the web to access them. 

That still does not mean the end of the world. It is wrong to conclude that no one else has a chance. 

Let’s assume at this point that only reputable large blogs can get traffic from Google. 

So how could the new blog become popular and welcome by Google? In other words, every new blog should not get traffic from Google. However, many new blogs quickly generated a lot of traffic in the early stages, which surprised us.

That means that if you do it right, no matter how small your blog is, you can get enough traffic from Google. 

If you study the blogs that have attracted a lot of Google traffic, you will find that they do very well somehow. 

One of the areas where they are right is to focus on long-tail keywords. In other words, they focus on particular keywords. They avoid using common expressions that lead to a lot of competition. 

To do this, you need to find searches in websites or blogs based on these long-tail keywords. How does this help you understand your competition and understand how you can compete. 

Either way, you can still discover long-tail keywords, create great content for them, and attract Google. To do this, you must first abandon the myth that only large blogs can get traffic from Google!




SEO is about using the basics correctly. You have to get some nearly essential things right and get it right. 

If it gets suspected that you have taken the wrong approach, Google will punish and punish you. If you don’t follow SEO basics, Google can ignore you completely. 

You should avoid these myths and focus on the right SEO without using any resources or magic.

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