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33 Creative Ideas For Social Media Campaigns

Businesses with developing campaigns find producing creative and new ideas for social media constantly a challenge. If you combine a mixture of methods that have been proven to be effective with some out-of-the-box thinking, you would be able to develop a calendar for advertising that will keep your audience invested and engaged.

If you want to launch a social media marketing plan for your company, then we have 33 creative ideas to help you out. Keep reading to learn about ideas for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram. Also, you will get tips that are applicable to a variety of platforms.


Social Media Campaigns: Facebook


Social Media Campaigns Facebook


When you utilize paid social media ads and organic advertising, you are able to bring in more prospects while making them, and regular visitors repeat customers. However, it is a pay-to-play landscape. The trick to it is making the user have a natural experience, even if it is paid for and scripted. To achieve the best results with a campaign that is carefully thought out, you need to be creative and open-minded to the needs of the viewers. This practice will bring a mixture of paid and organic efforts that produce a seamless effect. So here are some ideas on creating the right social media campaign on Facebook.


High Conversion & Informational Content For Facebook Ads


While it may seem to be a good idea to link up an ad on Facebook to a ‘buy now’ page, this can make the visitor feel like you are taking advantage of them. That means they are likely to ignore the ad rather than appease your CTA. As an alternative, make sure your content is high quality, with subheadings that are powerful.

Make your takeaways solid, and you will get results. Instead of attaching your ad to a ‘buy now’ page, try connecting it to an informational page about your business, services, or products. While on that page, you can have it laid out to where there is an additional (optional but prompting) step for getting quotes or the right information for a mailing list. You won’t be overselling what you have to offer, and create a more natural feel for traffic to turn into conversions. Doing it the right way will give a nudge to users to travel through the social media sales funnel.


Use Emotions


You are able to improve your market research while promoting interactions on your Social media page (in this case, Facebook) by encouraging people to leave a like or love to react. Just present your products or services as comparisons to each other, and ask them to reach for their favorite service/product.


Photo Contest


Another fantastic method for generating even more interaction is to collect a large amount of user content. This will encourage more people to go to your page and website and like/share them. You can tack on a prize to a photo contest (like an ugly sweater or cutest pet), the winner gets a high-end prize, and you get the publicity as well as conversions.


Facebook Live


This idea is simple – Much like “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” on Reddit – You host a Facebook live interview. During this interview, your audience gets to ask you any question they want, and you get the opportunity to answer them on the spot. This causes customer loyalty, giving them a personal look at the business.


Photo & Video Content Previews


When you link your website to content, that brings in solid traffic. However, if you were to preview that content to your audience with an image or a video, you would inspire more clicks. In turn, you increase the traffic to your blog and website.


“Caption This”


Having viewers take an image or photo that is usually humorous, and giving your viewers a chance to caption it will inspire an interaction that builds brand image and loyalty. Also, more people will share your content if it is compelling enough.


Social Media Campaigns: Twitter


Social Media Campaigns Twitter 


Twitter has evolved as a social media platform, becoming the center for customer support. Even though trends come and go, your social media campaign can easily become viral if it is good enough. The best thing is, you will find a lot of celebrities that are loyal to their fans, answering questions, and sharing content. This is a great opportunity for you to build your brand.


Regular Tweet Activity


When you establish yourself on Twitter, you will notice how quickly the news feed cycles through. The only way to stay relevant is to backpack on trends and adding the right hashtags (#) to your posts. For the best results, make sure your posts are mixed well with self-promotion and related content. Include images and videos to really stand out.


Respond To The Audience


This one is simple. If someone tweets you a concern, issue, compliment, or general question, make sure you are responding to them. This is how you build brand loyalty, improve on shortcomings, satisfy a customer, and/or solve a problem that would otherwise hurt your image. Responding to all comments is important, especially for disgruntled customers. Make sure you handle these situations with care and be decisive and quick about it.


Have Fun


Sometimes, all you need to do to bring in an audience is have fun. Something silly, cheeky, or hilarious is a great way to humanize your brand. This will make your brand more relatable to the audience.




Run a poll on your next content. Give your audience a chance to speak up for what they want to see from you. Inspiring this interaction – and following through – will increase brand loyalty.




Like we said, Twitter has evolved. They now allow you to make a “Moment.” This is a compilation of videos, tweets, and photos that summarize your campaign, sharing them with the audience. If you have a set of targeted images and tweets, the possibilities are vast.


Fire Back


We have all seen the screenshots of famous fast food brands making wisecracks to each other. This is an excellent way to bring in an audience. If you are clapping back at your competitors in the industry, you are building your name and bringing entertainment to your audience. This will inspire them to share your content and brand with their followers.


Social Media Campaign: Instagram


Social Media Campaign Instagram 


When it comes to the master of video content, that is a title that can only be bestowed to Instagram. Visually connecting with your audience has never been easier. While in the beginning it was picked on for being a place that people shared pictures of their cats and dinner, which they still do, marketers have found that it is a paradise for reaching out to your demographic. For Consumers, Instagram has become a visual medium. Each industry has thousands of influencers.


Team Up With Influencers


Find your desired fan base’s influencer and make a post that is sponsored. It will share your product, service, and/or brand with an entirely new audience that is full of potential.


Friendly Takeover


Give an influencer that has an audience that you would like to reach out to, and host a takeover of your brand for a day or two. Allow an influencer to take over your feed to cross-promote your brands.


Special Giveaway


Find a brand that you aren’t competing with and team up with them to do a special giveaway. Make it a contest of photos, creative responses, hashtags, or captions, and reward the winner with a surprise.


User-Generated Content


Prompt users to share hashtag photos on Instagram. User-generated content is a top method of bringing in traffic and conversions while building a loyal audience.


Memorable Hashtags


Create a unique and memorable hashtag for followers to use and share content while tagging your brand. This is a great promotional effort.


Use Instagram’s Story


For flash sales and special promotions, use the “Story” feature on Instagram to get the word out. You will boost your visibility with a combination of hashtags and quality promotional efforts.


Social Media Campaign: SnapChat


Social Media Campaign SnapChat


Though the basic concept of SnapChat may seem similar to that of Instagram, it still has a presence of its own. It is the there-then-gone version of media. If you blink, you could miss it. Once used primarily as a photo and image sharing platform, it has grown into a powerful marketing tool. Even if it is to capture 8 seconds of the audience’s attention, getting your brand out there is important in all forms.




You can post your snapcode (the GR looking image) to different platforms to draw in mobile users to your SnapChat feed.




You can customize filters for the next big event you are planning. Sharing your Snaps dressed up to bring in more traffic.


Q&A Snaps


Running a Q&A is simple, short, and rewarding. All you have to do is have your followers snap you their questions, then you can create a short video answering them with a visual twist.


Organize a Contest


Many other brands have done similar contests where the participants go on a scavenger hunt and snap photos of themselves with various items. You can run all kinds of contests and give away any number of fair prizes. Be creative.


Coupon Swapping


You are able to offer a small discount as a reward for user-generated images of your brand. It is an excellent way for other brands and yours to partner up for dual promotion.




Take advantage of the 3-D feature from SnapChat. It will allow you to get creative and share images with an alternative view. It sparks interest in the brand and the featured 3-D image.


Social Media Campaign: YouTube


YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on mobile and internet utilizing devices. From smartphones to game systems, there are more than 400 hours of visual content uploaded every minute. In 2016, it made the social media platform list for the very first time. However, it didn’t stop at being named a legitimate platform. In fact, it rose through the ranks of social media and became #2 in 2019. Utilizing YouTube in the right way can be valuable to your social media toolkit.


Intros and Outros


During the intros and outros of your video, make sure you are posting links and tags for your profiles on social media platforms. This will encourage interest across multiple platforms while creating a consistent image for your brand.


YouTube Personalities


You can do a co-op video or some content with well known YouTube Personalities. It is a great way for you to gather followers from another source while helping promote a talented and/or interesting personality.


Other Content


Like we said before, take advantage of intros and outros to link to your social media platforms. Also, do the same with your website. Link in the description of your videos to your website, and people have an easy portal to your brand after watching an informational and interesting video you designed.




Link your other video content to your uploads. This spurs an ongoing interest in your brand. It also works well for linking related content to your videos.


DIY Videos


One of the biggest uses for YouTube is instructional and DIY videos. Use this to your advantage. If your brand can help its consumers, make sure you do a video on how your product can make something easier or solve a problem. A visual example and How-To video can go a long way for sparking interest.


Get Yourself An Ambassador


Sponsoring and being sponsored by another YouTuber is a great way to bring in a bigger, more valuable audience. Get mentions of your brand on popular channels from different Personalities. Create a fan-only code for the ambassador’s following to use.


Social Media Campaign: Multi-Platform


When it comes down to it, the campaigns that extend across multiple platforms reign supreme. Working on multi-platform campaigns can open up to a broader audience. None of your content should be duplicated. All content should be tailored and repurposed for the new platform.


Big Initiatives: Cross-Promote


You can sometimes use each platform as a means to accomplish different sets of goals if you utilize the same initiative or hashtag.


Single Platform Driven Promotions


Set up a special contest or deal on a single platform, then utilize other social media personas to drive traffic to the contest. This encourages followers to become aware of your brand on multiple platforms. If you are doing a huge giveaway on Twitter, funnel the traffic from your Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat to your Twitter handle to enter into the giveaway.


Combination of Real-World and Digital Activities


You can use influencers to gather more sales. Just combine digital and real-world activities together and promote them to bring in more conversions than deriving from all platforms.


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