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10 Methods To Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are an important element to a successful SEO campaign but have gotten much harder to do correctly.

Marketers want websites to have a network of backlinks but often lack the experience needed to make it happen effectively. Without knowing how to build quality backlinks, it can harm the website’s ranking and be a full waste of time. However, by understanding backlink quality and SEO, an efficient plan can be created.

The following are some methods to build quality backlinks to improve authority and visibility in search results:


Why Backlinks Are Important For SEO


Backlinks are an important part of SEO because they act as a vote of popularity. However, search engines have become more complex and consider the quality and authority of the backlinks of the referring site. However, Google also looks at a larger range of metrics, including social shares.

With that said, backlinks remain one of the top metrics for determining result position. When Google sees hundreds or thousands of quality backlinks pointing to a website, it considers it a clear indication of relevancy, authority, and quality enough to rank highly.

Now that you know why backlinks are so important to SEO, it is easier to understand why avoiding low quality or purchased backlinks are no longer effective. The following methods can help build quality backlinks for any niche or industry.


Methods For Creating Quality Backlinks


Quality Infographics


Infographics are one of the leading tricks used by marketers right now to gain backlinks. Statistics show they are shared and liked on social media up to 3 times as often compared to any other content media. But, it’s the quality infographics that get the most attention, making it worth the time to create eye-catching designs.

If needed, hiring a professional infographic designer is often worth the investment.


Guest Blogging


Another way to build quality backlinks to your website is guest blogging, and that is why you should research relevant websites that allow it. You are providing the website with content in return for a quality backlink, but take time on the content. Websites that accept guest blogs are interested in quality too!


Improve Internal Links


For your external links to really make a difference, you should first ensure that your internal linking system is done properly. Internal links point to other relevant and interesting content within your site that helps guide users further. Once your external link draws them in, internal links assist in keeping them on your website.


Evaluating Competitors


This is often an overlooked part of link building strategies, analyzing the competition. To do this, watch the social media profiles of some of your biggest competition, see what type of linking they are using within their posts. Finally, is there a way you can apply a similar method?


Knowing How To Promote Content


For a backlink strategy to work, you must first ensure content is promoted correctly. You want to target your audience to those interested in what you offer; they are more likely to share your content. Share content and new posts on your social media profiles, and over time share each article several times.


Donating Time or Services to Organizations


Donating time or services is another good method of building backlinks and can be one of the easiest. There are many ways to donate, such as guest posts, to physical time helping. Either way, be sure that it is a reputable organization relevant to your business and that they agree to link to your website.


Interview External Sources


Are you an expert in a field people are interested in? Share your experience and knowledge through interviews with outside sources. This can be a good way to build authority, trust, receive backlinks, and share things others may not have known.


Request Influencers to Share Your Stuff


Today, influencers are everywhere, across all social media platforms. That makes them a perfect source for promoting your content, products, or services while receiving quality backlinks. However, many business owners fear reaching out.

If shared by an influencer, not only will you reach your own audience, but the audience of that influencer too. Getting turned down several times may be worth the time and effort of finding the one that will work with you.


Fix Broken Backlinks


It is common to create a backlink and forget about it, such as in guest blogs, comments, etc. However, sometimes links change, and the backlink becomes broken, which is no longer helping you. If this occurs, reach out to the website owner and simply inform them the backlink is broken and provide the new working link as a replacement.

Because broken links harm rankings and linking to relevant content can boost results, there is a high chance the website owner will use the replacement link.


 Link to Social Media Accounts


Each time you publish a new post, be sure it links to your social media accounts. Doing so streamlines the sharing process, making it easier for readers to share with friends and family. Also, it boosts your backlink and outbound link network.

If you are still unsure or do not have time to implement these methods, we can help; call us today, and one of our professionals will help get you started!

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